About LTM Consulting

At LTM Consulting we work with small businesses in Orange County, typically between 1 and 50 employees, to help them grow their company, enhance data management and find methods to control or reduce overhead costs.

As business consultants we work closely with businesses to understand the issues, struggles and barriers they encounter both internally and externally.

LTM Consulting has experience ranging from customer service, technical support, marketing, product mangement, sales training, website development, competitor product testing & analysis, web based appilcation development and insurance consulting and sales. Our industry experience is in consumer electronics, point of sales systems, digital security cameras, wide format printing, rapid 3D prototyping, digital video projectors and digital signage.

If you would like to meet with us to see if we can assist your business, please email us with a description of your business, what type of assistance you are looking for and your contact information.


email: info@ltm-consulting.biz






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